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Inspiration is meant to be experienced and acted upon. It is the moment when a situation, thought, or person sparks an amazing resonance within us. And, in that moment we are inspired to act, say, or move in a specific direction. Unfortunately, we typically allow our own self talk and fears to stop us from moving in that direction.  And in that moment, resonance and inspiration begin to deflate.

Inspiration can be tapped into and cultivated to achieve magnificent impact, when action is the next step.  Take that in …

Inspiration can be tapped into and cultivated to achieve magnificent impact, when action is the next step.

Inspiration is squelched when we meet it with self doubt, what if’s and procrastination. If you have a moment of inspiration, it is YOUR call to action. It is not the call to action by someone else or those around you. Your inspiration and the impact it can yield is not dependent on the resonance in others. Sure, it’s great to have a compelling vision that inspires others to want to follow along, but it does not (and should not) be a point of validity for your inspiration and subsequent actions. If you’re depending on others to be inspired and come along in order to act, then that is co-dependency.  So, don’t look for others to act on your inspiration to validate it. Feel it, allow it to build and act upon it.   Remember, the reality you are creating is your own, not someone else’s.

In the work I do, I see people who are inspired frequently in the areas of leadership, helping others, telling their story, starting a business, changing their lives, etc. Yet, I also see so many individuals who allow those points of inspiration to fly by time and time again because they are fearful of ___________. For example, they fear not being perfect enough, or good enough, or big enough, or famous enough. Well, damn it! Inspiration is divinely given and who are these people not to act upon it. Who are YOU not to act upon it.  Think of it this way. When you have an amazing moment of inspiration and fail to act upon it, it becomes nothing more than a commercial interruption in your day. That was inspiration, brought to you by your local sponsor.  NEXT?

The next time you feel the air of inspiration flowing into your day. Stop and feel into that very moment. Identify with the feeling of inspiration and connect with what is happening for YOU in that moment. Tap into the relationship this inspiration has with what you’re passionate about in your life, work, and/or world. Then, act upon it. And, act upon it again.

Do this each and every time you’re inspired and you will see you are inviting amazing things into your world each and every time you act. You’ll cultivate more moments of inspiration and more moments to create impact. Before you know it you WILL have others inspired and following you. You will be leading others in the charge to act on inspiration in their own lives.

Now that’s movement.



Inspiring others Thom QafzeziThom Qafzezi is the President and CEO of Molto Crescendo, a professional coaching & development consulting company aimed at amplifying the talents of leaders, teams and organizations. Additionally, Thom is the Co- Founder of It’s Faked Up!™, which enables people to live life aligned to their strengths, values and passions. He takes pride in his abilities to infuse the right blend of solutions to bring about the changes his clients desire. These solutions incorporate Thom’s decades of coaching, professional development, organizational development and organizational psychology expertise.



Your Action is Required

Action required Thom Qafzezi banner

So many intentions and plans simply go astray. If  wishing, in and of itselfcould only get everything you wanted accomplished. Yet we know it doesn’t.  How many times have you said, “this time I am going to make it happen?” And, how many times has it not happened?

Well you’re in good company, because we are all human and we all do it. Or, shall I say we don’t do it. Why? Is it because what we want to accomplish isn’t important or meaningful? Is it because it takes too much effort?  No! If it wasn’t important to begin with, you wouldn’t have intended it to begin with. In a world where society and organizations have created this ADHD mentality that we all most follow, we often get so busy with so many things, it’s a wonder we get anything accomplished.  We’ve gotten so busy in life we rarely take the time to deepen the awareness and learning around “what got in the way.” We quickly accept the fact that what we wanted didn’t happen and move on to the next thing that is now to of mind.

When we fail to make something we want happen, it is usually because something else got in the way that was “more important” (at least in the moment).  Of course priorities do shift and sometimes we need to pay attention to more pressing matters; however, if you find this is happening more and more frequently – it’s time to check out the areas of your life that may need a bit more balancing to allow for you to build your skyscraper.

Another reason for not getting the skyscraper built could be a lack of accountability. Yup! That horrible fourteen-letter word that everyone seems to hate. We often make these blueprints in our heads, or even in our personal journals, but never share these plans with anyone.  Oh how clever we’ve become! When we don’t share these plans with others, we don’t have to feel ashamed when we fail. What a vicious cycle huh?

How’s that working for you?

If you’re like most people, you probably beat yourself up over the fact that you intended to do [fill in the blank], but failed – AGAIN! So how do you stop the madness? Get an accountability partner. You see, an accountability partner will hold you responsible for laying the foundation, welding the steel girders and erecting the full skyscraper. And, an accountability partner will help you deepen and forward the learning throughout your journey. Huh?

Well, just getting the thing accomplished is only half the experience. There is sure to be an opportunity to learn more about yourself throughout the process. We can increase our self-awareness around what we did well and what we can perhaps improve on the next time. It’s also a great time to accentuate the amazing work you did, including recognizing the battle you fought against all of those gremlins who tried to keep you paralyzed once again. This is how we grow and evolve as a person.

You may already be thinking, “I don’t have any friends or family members who are savvy enough to  hold me accountable or help me source the learning from my journey.”  Well, the accountability partner may not be just one person. It may be many people, which could include a skilled coach.  You see, a coach has honed powerful skills to help people achieve what they want to accomplish in business and life. One of the most powerful skills we, as coaches, possess is the skill of accountability. We remove judgement from the accountability process and help you track productivity, measure success and recognize the degree of learning.

And why is this so important? So you can repeat the process over and over again … success after success!


 Thom Qafzezi is the President and CEO of Molto Crescendo, a professional coaching & development consulting  company aimed  at amplifying the talents of leaders, teams and organizations. Additionally, Thom is the Co-  Founder  of It’s Faked Up!™, which enables people to live life aligned to their strengths, values and  passions. He  takes  pride in his abilities to infuse the right blend of solutions to bring about the changes his clients desire. These  solutions  incorporate Thom’s decades of coaching, professional development, organizational development and  organizational  psychology expertise. 

Force Fit


Ever feel like you have to force yourself on a daily basis to fit into your job, relationship, circle of friends or company culture? When I was a kid I remember trying to put two similar magnets together and the energy it took to try to force them together, never to make it happen. Well, this is often how it feels when we try to force ourselves to adapt to a role, career, or relationship that is not in alignment with our strengths, passions, values or desires.  It means there is little to now resonance in the situation and it can mean you’re trying to force yourself into a box, or square peg in the round hole.

Sure, you may have once been satisfied in the situation, and now it is an opportunity to renew and seek resonance again.  Or, it could mean you need to shift the rules of the game to ensure everyone is getting what they need and value.  This has many implications and that is what I help my clients to figure out. Sometimes the original “dream” has changed and you need to shift your world to fit your new expectations.

Want to know more? Check out www.itsfakedup.com

My Life on Purpose – A Lift Up!

A Lift Up!

In my last blog post, My Life on Purpose – Part 10, I said goodbye to Tampa and hello to beautiful Miami.  And, as I lay in bed this past Wednesday morning I had this gnawing thought that I had forgotten something. Of course there was a lot I didn’t include for time sake, but there was something bigger that I didn’t speak about. I realized this morning what that some “thing” was.

In the details of the story, I failed to mention that I had met someone (David) who was instrumental in helping me out of the hole I found myself in when I was down and out – without a job.  He was the conduit to me getting myself back on a trajectory toward success. I used to frequent this neighborhood bar by the name of Old Plantation (OP as we used to call it. This was the same place I had visited in a previous part of my blog where I was hit in the head by my ex and then cared for by Sam, my Sicilian friend).

Well I met this wonderful guy who had his “shit” together and we dated for about a year, if memory serves me correctly. David found me at a time when I was without a job and living with my uncle and his lover of many years.  Long story short, he hooked me up with his friend, Sandy, who worked for a large financial services company in Tampa. Sandy gave me a job and started me n a track to who I am today.  David was patient with this spoiled little party animal and showed me that I was worthy of a good relationship and could make a life for myself with a job and my own place to live. David helped me get my own place through some mutual friends and helped create a community of people who cared about me and my success as a person.  This was great because as you know, I had no real family in my life who accepted me for who and what I was at this time.  A point I would like to make here is that we can make our family.  We are born into this world with a “family”, but blood doesn’t always keep you together.  Sometimes, most times, you find friends who are closer than blood family and in these friends you find solace, love, acceptance and strength.

Sandy, my old boss, was also one of those people. He was someone who gave me a chance to prove my worth to a company that was large and successful. Honestly, I don’t know how he cared so much and tolerated even more, as looking back I was a hot mess. I was in the struggle to make something of myself and at the same time be a party animal about every night. I can remember the days I would roll into work still feeling the effects of the drinking from the night before. Wow!  He was always supportive and I like to think I always made him proud by at least doing my job well.  Sandy and I remained friends long after I left his department and the company.  Sandy helped groom me to a place where I was recognized by another department and I accepted a promotion working in sales and marketing with another wonderful boss named Kathy.  Just like Sandy, Kathy recognized my talents and strengths and groomed me (also putting up with my craziness and party antics) until I took a job with a major insurance company, which led to my ability to relocate to Miami eventually (Part 10 of my Life Series blog).

One other special friend I gathered along the way was my friend Linda. Linda was a co-worker who was married to a man who rarely recognized how wonderful she was.  She was (is) a caring and amazing woman who, like me, was lost and searching for something more in her life.  We were both trying to find ourselves.   Linda helped to save me from myself and I like to think I helped save her from remaining in a marriage that no longer worked for her.  We moved in together and were roommate for a while.  We had out ups and downs, but were a help to one another through difficult times in our lives. We had a LOT of laughs and good times and I am happy that she is still in my life today through virtual connection.

Lastly, the remaining people I want to mention are my best friend Jeff and his brother Bill. Jeff was someone I met when I moved to Tampa and he remained my best friend until he passed away in 1996 at the age of 35.  His brother was like family as well as and had passed away a couple of years before Jeff.  These two would be a long line of friends that I lost along the way in my journey.

Jeff was an amazing person who, throughout my years living in Tampa, would often rescue me in times of relationship breakups and being thrown out of my apartments due to my times of irresponsibility.  We were like brothers and shared everything with one another.  We were literally best friends for over 16 years – up until his passing when I had the blessed opportunity to whisper “let go” in his ear prior to his passing away in the hospital with his friends and family around him.  We had so many amazing and hilarious adventures in our life together and I cherish each and every one of them to this day.  We were always where the party was and were a constant outlet for hilarious antics  – we were a three ring circus. I can say that when Jeff left this earth, a piece of me left with him and it has never been the same.  However, I am blessed to have known him and thankful for his continuous love and friendship on earth and beyond.

To Jeff, I dedicate one of our favorite songs in remembrance of our wonderful times together. Here is one we used to play in the Jeep as we drove across the Causeway to the Lighted Tree on Pass-a-Grill Beach in St Petersburg, FL.  YOU GO GIRLFRIEND! I will always love you Jeff-Freaka!

Harness the Moon – The Muse of Many

New Moon and Visionary Goals

Today, January 30th, is the day we will experience the New Moon, and at the same time it will be a Super Moon.  What does this mean?  A New Moon is when the Moon and sun are in alignment and the Moon is usually dark and not visible to us on earth. In the couple of days following the New Moon we begin to slowly see the first crescent view of the Moon (as in the picture above).  As for a  Super Moon, this is when the Moon is slightly closer to earth and would appear larger and brighter, if visible (e.g. a full Moon).  

Perhaps it’s the Greek part of me that takes interest in the phases of the Moon, because in the ancient times the three phases of the Moon was seen as telling of the season to attract or dispel things from your life.  Today, I look at this as simply a time to check in with where I am in my journey and use the phases as a focal point to take action.  Below are the four phases of the moon. 

Moon Phases

New Moon – As I shared above, the New Moon, also known as the Dark Moon, is when the Moon is directly between the Earth and the Sun and therefore hidden.  This is a time of new beginnings and new undertakings. Now is the time to think about those things you want to manifest in your life and birth them into existence. What are those things you want most in your life (i.e. career, relationships, friendships, health, etc.)?  Now is the time to spring them into action. Let them come into the light. 

Waxing – This is a time when the Moon is moving from the New Moon phase to Full Moon. During this time the Moon is seen as getting larger. This is a time to focus on actions that bring about positive change, realization of new ideas/initiatives and attracting good things to your life, business or relationships.  

Full Moon – During this period of time, the Moon is in it’s fullness and full glow.  It is in its full power.  Now is a great time to reflect  and celebrate the areas of life, career or relationships that are in their full bloom. What’s happening in your life that is simply amazing? Celebrate now!  The Full Moon can also be a time to reflect on what is NOT working or serving you. Because this can be dealt with in the next phase – waning. 

Waning – This lunar phase lasts for about 14 days and is the time in which the Moon appears to be getting smaller.  At this time the Moon is moving from full to new.  This is a time for working on those things in your life that need to be banished, released, or reversed. Here is a good place to focus on correcting those things getting in the way of your success, whether it is personal or business.  

What’s all this hocus-pocus?

Sure, it sounds a bit like something taken from Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings.  While not taken as literally as these tomes, it can be a guide to consistent focus in your life.  What is you were to look at your life in these monthly phases? What if you were to live your life intentionally and consciously to be aware of what is happening at all times?  What if you could commit to recognizing you’re at choice to make meaningful things happen in your life, and that you are free to dispel things that no longer serve achieving your goals?  That is what this is about.  The phases of the Moon can be a guide to check in on what’s happening, or not happening, and provide the space to make decisions on what you do next. 

New Moon – Super Moon – Birth

Since today is the New Moon and Super Moon, use this day to recognize what you want to make happen in your life. Take action and decide today what you will do to make that change happen.  Then spend the next 14 days moving toward the Full Moon to make things happen.  It’s doable … make the commitment and let us know how you’re doing.   Respond to this post and let us know what your deciding to make happen.  

You Action Plan

January 30, 2014 – Decide on the specific area of your life you want to change, and commit to making bold actions over the next 15 days. 

February 14, 2014 – Today is the Full Moon and Valentine’s Day as well.  What a great opportunity to show love to others and equally important – to yourself.  Celebrate what you have accomplished. Recognize what you have done that is working to make your goal a reality. Also, take note of what isn’t working well and needs to be changed.  Today, you should decide those things that you want to Start, Stop and Continue to do in service of your goal.  

February 15, 2014 – Today begins the waning cycle of the Moon and it is time to clear those things that are getting in the way of your goal.  Or, perhaps you have already accomplished you goal.  That’s awesome. Simply recognize those things that could be getting in the way of even greater success and begin to take actions to clear the path to richer fulfillment.  

March 1, 2014 – Well you know what they say.  Lather, rinse and repeat?  Of course, it’s now March and it’s a New Moon once again. It’s time to start the process all over again and choose a different area of your life on which you want to focus, or you can choose to raise the bar on the area you selected previously.  You’re at choice.  


Did you know you can sign up for calendar reminders of the moon phases? Wouldn’t it be great to get a reminder of the phases to remind you of where you are in your journey? Click here for a Google search result for options: http://bit.ly/MoonCal


Take This Job … Please!

Take this job and shove it!

On a daily basis I encounter people who hate their jobs. Well, what they tell me is that they love their company and what they do.  Most often they tell me they hate their boss.  Did you know that one of the main reasons people leave their jobs is because they work for a manager or leader who makes their life miserable? Organizations hate to hear this because they don’t want to recognize this as truth, even in the in-humane resources departments“. [Note: I’ve been there in the trenches of HR and leadership and I have seen it – it true!]

This morning on Good Morning America they presented a clip of one of the Super Bowl ads by GoDaddy.com.  In this segment they discussed the upcoming Super Bowl commercial where someone will be quitting their job on national television. And guess what?  This person’s boss has no idea.  Not to imply that this “individual” is quitting for that reason, but bad bosses rarely know they’re about to lose good talent, because they are so deeply self absorbed and/or focused only on the tactical aspects of getting things done. They are often clueless as to what is going on in the minds and hearts of their people. Many times the leader has been put into a position that they were never suited for or groomed for, so they can’t pay attention to their people because they’re too busy trying to convince everyone that they aren’t naked (i.e. the story of the Emperors new Clothes). I digress.

Let’s take a look at what we can expect in the upcoming commercial where this brave individual will announce “I Quit” to the world, and her boss.

I did a little research and found another person who quit their job in a somewhat similar way.  That person’s name is Marina Shifrin.
Marina worked for a multimedia company  and decided she’d had enough of her boss’s one sided view of end results.  She was tired of being a means to an end for her boss.  Let’s watch her video.

That was brave of her, and I am sure there are those out there who would say it was irresponsible. Then again, sometimes you have to take chances in life if you ever want to seize a dream.  Nobody every made their dreams come true sitting on the sidelines. Let’s see what happened to Marina next.

So, what’s the message here?

Well, there is a two fold message to be gleaned here. The primary message is for the bosses out there who are running companies and running their people ragged. Tune in to your employees and see them as individuals who make you successful through their efforts.   These are the people who show up day in and day out managing to get things accomplished despite your tendencies to overlook their contributions to your success.  At the end of the day, you could leave tomorrow and these individuals will continue to make the widgets and satisfy the company’s customers. Your job is not to continually impress those who are responsible for your assent to your level of incompetence (i.e. Peter Principle). Authentically check in with your people and inspire them to follow your vision and make things happen because they feel as though they make a difference and contribute to the bigger picture.  Be human!

This is not a bash on leaders.  Leadership is important, when leadership actually shows up in the workplace.  There are wonderful leaders who display many of the competencies required to truly lead a company and its human assets (yup! Assets). To those leaders – we applaud you!  You’re making a difference in the lives of your employees and enjoying returns on your investment in the areas of retention and the discretionary effort of your employees.

As mentioned, there is a two fold message. The second message is for employees who find themselves in the situation of wanting to leave their job due to a “horrible boss”, or to embrace something they have always wanted to do.  If your situation is that of a horrible boss, then you must make a decision as to what your next move will be. Every situation is different and the plan of action depends on how open your organization is to hearing what you have to say, and then doing something about it. It also has a lot to do with your bosses ability to collaboratively work toward a solution of alleviating your displeasure. AND, it has a lot to do with your own ability to professionally and co-actively work toward a workable solution.

Stand by your job … (sung to the tune of Stand By Your Man – Loretta Lynn)

There are times when an employee needs to, or should, remove them-self from a situation no longer in alignment with their passions, strengths and dreams. Sometimes this can be as a result of working for a leader or company where their values are divergent from that of the leader or company culture. It’s not easy to do, but it is possible to stand in your own personal power and make these decisions. I would never condone simply quitting a job without a plan forward, so I want to be sure I make it very clear to not proceed with caution when choosing to leave your job. Butdo something! Never accept a bad situation.  When you accept a situation that is less than optimal you allow the situation to erode your self esteem and view of your own personal value.  It’s kind of like remaining in an emotionally abusive relationship.  You will find yourself having to dig your way out of the hole you’ve allowed yourself to be placed in, and it can take years to undo the damage.  And by the way … at the end of life, you will not get a badge of courage or a crown for being a martyr and remaining in a bad job – to begin living at time of retirement. You’ll spend the rest of your life trying to lick your wounds and “find yourself” through the haze of all the emotional distress you’ve pushed deep inside of yourself during the “bad days” of working for the “horrible bosses”.

Do it! Be Brave.

On a brighter note, you can do what you enjoy doing. Do it whether it is for a company or for yourself (entrepreneur). Make sure  your career affords you the ability to work in the areas of your passions, strengths and unique values. This will make your career (notice I didn’t say job) one that makes you want to get up in the morning and do what you love to do on a daily basis. It makes work fun. Yes, work can be fun.  The old school mentality of work being drudgery is long gone.  Or, at least it is working its way out of the workforce as the traditionalists retire. Heck, even the baby boomers are figuring it out now that they are getting out of the workplace.  They are consistently saying they want to do NOW, those things they didn’t allow themselves the luxury of doing their entire work life. So, BE BRAVE! Be brave enough to question what you are doing and who you are doing it for.  Who are you living for?  You can find balance … no really! Balance does exist and you can hopefully find it where you are.   If not, there is always other options. The world is a big place and there is life outside of the brick and mortar box you find yourself in for 40-60 hours a week.

Let’s end on this beautiful anthem to being BRAVE!  And, let’s all cheer on the GoDaddy commercial this Super Bowl Sunday when one lucky person QUITS to embrace her dream.  Cheers to the brave!

Jan 31 Deadline: Jangle® Your Feet in the Sand – 50% off – Friends & Family Offer

It's Faked Up™ Jangle in the sand

Jangle® Your Feet in the Sand!

Ever thought about making a significant change in your life, but feel a bit scared to make the leap?  Are you looking for something different in life, but aren’t sure what that something different looks like? 

There are people every day that talk with me about the feeling that something is trying to emerge in their lives, yet they aren’t sure what that something is.  Often they say they’re not sure what IT is, but they know it isn’t anything close to what they’ve experienced to date.  If you’re in that place, you’re in a GREAT place! You’re in a creative space in your life, career or relationship.

We, at It’s Faked Up®, are offering a special Friends and Family offer to you and your extended set of family and friends.  The excitement is building as our participants are looking forward to the April start of our 9-week life transforming program, with a cruise in the middle.  There are limited spaces available and one of those can be yours.  Your’s for 50% off the original price of the course and cruise.  Last Day to Register for Friends and Family Discount is January 31, 2014. 

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Important Dates for our Friends and Family

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Program Ends: June 6, 2014
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